As told by our customers...


Bob D.

Business owner, London, Ontario

The service was unbelievable. No one could touch them on price and they were here when they said they would be. The workers were uniformed and polite and they cleaned up & left everything just as it was when they arrived. The whole experience was really positive. I can't recommend them highly enough.


Paul H.

Home owner, London, Ontario

I needed a new glass table top custom-made. It was done in a day for about half what I was quoted elsewhere and it looks even better than I imagined. I had them back to replace all my storm windows a few months later and that was done in a day too. I'm getting a new glass shower and vanity next year & I wouldn't consider calling anyone but Lambton Glass.


GLoria E.

Cottage owner, Grand Bend, Ontario

Someone broke the bay window at our cottage last winter and a neighbour called us about it at our house in Kitchener. It was 10 p.m. and I was home alone with the kids and couldn't make the drive down so I called the Lambton Glass emergency number. No one else in the area would respond after hours but they drove right to the cottage and boarded up the window no problem. By the time my husband and I were able to drive down the next day the new window was already installed. I guess it's the type of personal service you only get with a family business anymore.


Dave S.

Homeowner, Elgin County, Ontario

I bought an old Victorian heritage home a few months back that I absolutely loved but it needed all new windows. I couldn't get anyone to do the work for a reasonable price because they said they needed to sub-contract it to someone who could do what they called a 'glass hack-out' because of the age of the place. My realtor referred me to Lambton Glass and sure enough their main installer has over 20 years experience doing just that. If I hadn't had them do the work I don't think I could have bought the place. I have all new energy efficient windows in a classic house now.


Sandra T.

Homeowner, Perth County, Ontario

Someone broke into our house this past summer and Lambton Glass was there faster than the police to repair the French patio doors that got smashed in. They explained the whole insurance process in plain terms and helped us through the whole ordeal while getting the work done quick so we could get back to normal. Insurance paid for the work but based on the service we received I'm having them back next month to do some glass block work and put one of those new glass decks out back of our place. They also put in safety glass for us so we wouldn't get burglarized again, and at a fraction of what some of these home security outfits were charging.



Business owner, Goderich, Ontario

It's so hard to find consistent labour and quality products these days. It's nice to deal with someone who's been in business for years and knows that by being fair and honest people will come back. I wouldn't even consider calling anyone for something as serious as glass work other than the people at Lambton Glass and Mirror.


Theodore W.

Landlord/Property Owner, London, Ontario

These days, it seems everything comes pre-packaged and punched out of a machine. It’s really wonderful to see someone still is concerned with true craftsmanship and attention to detail. Thanks for reminding me of the good old days!